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PanSpark AMS

Cloud based system for tracking your company's Fixed Assets, keep track of the assets allocated to the employees including acquisition and maintenance history

Panspark AMS is a complete web-based solution for asset management that provides complete Visibility, Tracking and Control over company’s assets across multiple locations across group companies, or each company’s locations/units, sub locations, branches, internal partitions and employees

A single comprehensive Detailed Asset Registry with across all locations.

Empowers organizations gain better control over optimal utilization of assets and ensure timely maintenance and repair of physical Assets and renewal of virtual Assets.

Manage and tracks information on adding, assigning, exchange of assets due to upgrade or damage, transferring of assets from one employee to another, return of assets at the time of employee exit etc.

Accelerate tasks such as locating assigned assets, monitoring the condition of the assets, and recording the reason for damage or lost assets.

Seamless integration with CoreHR module ensures proper assignation and recovery of assets.

Enables employees to accept assets online, and check status of their requests with the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal.

  • Save time and money by avoiding duplication of assets between departments.
  • Reduce monitoring efforts of assigned assets, Reminders of schedule maintenance, service and replacement of owned assets
  • Helps verify and track the issue, transfer, and return of asset to and from the employees in a timely manner
  • Compile useful data on the reliability of assets by manufacturer, model, and service and warranty information.
  • Easy reporting on different aspects of asset classification

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