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PanSpark WMS

Centralized Management of day-to-day warehouse operations and tasks such as inward/outward of stock and stock locations with robust warehouse automation for single and multiple warehouses

PANSpark WMS takes care of all your inventory management needs and provides seamless visibility of inventory across warehouses of all sizes. PANSpark focuses on increasing productivity, maximizing efficiency, improving inventory accuracy and reducing costs. With its low Total Cost Ownership and multiple ownership options PANSpark WMS delivers a quick ROI.

Key Features
Warehouse Setup
  • Easy warehouse setup based on warehouse configurations and designs.
  • Bin level volume storage parameters
  • Configure and manage Multiple Warehouses

Master Setup
  • Item Master, Client Master and Vendor Master
  • Easily define item SKU and package volume information
  • Manage Client and vendor information.

Inward & Put away Process
  • Easily capture complete item attribute informations like Lot / Batch Details, Value, Expiry Date, Manufacturing Date etc.
  • Simple process from Inward to Put Away for storage location allocation with exception alerts for occupancy criteria.
  • Cross Dock feature to speed up the complete transaction with a single entry.

Inventory Management
  • Inventory can be tracked by Aisle, by Location, by Rack at the bin level.
  • Ease of access to inventory at the bin level with tracking of batch No and expiry dates, easier Cyclic Count, Physical Stock for reconciliation.
  • Stock Adjustments damaged goods and Transfer of Ownership.
  • Flexibility to move the storage of goods from one location to another.

Outward Process
  • Auto pick instructions for Full Pallet, Piece picking, Pick Based various parameters like FEFO, FIFO, LIFO, Batch No and Lot Nos.
  • Move to Pick up locations.
  • Pick Confirmation and Delivery Notes.

  • Easy, menu driven and comprehensive reporting module.
  • Various Reports like Stock Details, Occupancy utilization report, Short Expiry Report, Billing Reports, Empty Locations report etc.
  • All the reports of WMS can be exported to Excel and PDF formats.

Additional Features & Benefits
  • Cloud based WMS. User defined Authorization Levels.
  • Customized integration with hand held devices.
  • Customized integration to communicate with 3rd party applications.

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